I'm currently having my thesis should I migrate to ionic 2?

Hey Guys I’m currently having my thesis(Grade Management System) and I need to submit a working prototype of the project by the end of October. I have average knowledge in Ionic 1 so I’ve already started doing the project with Ionic 1 (just some couple of pages) but I’m having problems learning and understanding Angular 1 and I heard that it’s easier to learn Angular 2 and Ionic 2. Should I migrate to ionic 2 or not? Also I need to submit the thesis probably February next year.

Is the focus of your thesis actually something about ionic the framework, or you just need a tech stack to materialize a remotely related concept - which your thesis is really about? If it’s the latter case I’d say don’t bother to switch. Ionic 1 is mature enough for your needs. If you intend to extend your knowledge about hybrid mobile app development even after the thesis, then why not have a try. A good strategy is not trying to convert but to extract the pages / services from ionic 1 and convert only those pieces into a ionic 2 starter project.

The only thing why we need to use Ionic is the capability of using the camera functionalities of the phone, we’re going to use the barcode scanner plugin and be able to deploy it in ios,android and as a web app. Thnxs for the reply I’ve already decided to stick with Ionic 1. I’ve asked some of Ionic developer from our local IT community and got some nice advise.