Migration to Ionic 2

I just started to test Ionic2, it looks very promising. We are working on an app, with Ionic 1.5 that we started a year ago. We are to send it to production in September 2016. I was wondering about the strategy to adopt in order to smoothly migrate to Ionic 2. What would be the advised path to follow ?


From my experience, the migration process is pretty easy.

Aside from updating the markup for the changes, the majority of your code doesn’t actually change a whole lot.

If you’re following the best practices (using controllerAs, modular code organization) or even invest in a small build process and write your app in Typescript/ES6, I think migration will be painless.

Check out John Papa’s or Todd Motto’s Angular 1 guides. They go over some of the best practices and how you can organize your project.

You are right. We started the migration over a period of three days and I must say it is straightforward.

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That makes me so happy to hear :grin: