Is it possible to use `ionInfiniteScrollContent` as the ONLY loading indicator?

I’ve got 3 on my page,

  1. LoadingController on ionViewDidEnter
  2. ionInfiniteScrollContent with ionInfiniteScroll, and
  3. ionSpinner[ngIf=doFilter] when the user applies a filter the query request

Has anyone found an easy way to consolidate all these loading indicators into just one? It seems to me if I can manually trigger ionInfiniteScrollContent, that would be fine. It is the one that is most active.

I don’t understand… The infinite-scroll have a spinner for default!

<ion-infinite-scroll threshold="100px" (ionInfinite)="loadDataKits($event)" [disabled]="desabilitandoLoad">
        <ion-infinite-scroll-content loadingSpinner="crescent">


It does.

I just think it would make the UI more consistent if we could use the same progress indicator for loading the page data (loadingController), http requests from a filter action (ionSpinner with ngIf) and a Http paging request (ionInfiniteScroll).