Is it possible to open qr bar scan in a div with defined width and height


I am using the capacitor community qr bar scan GitHub - capacitor-community/barcode-scanner: A fast and efficient (QR) barcode scanner for Capacitor , everything works fine, the only concern that it generates is to know if it is possible to open said scan in a fixed square, for example 200px by 200px, since it always opens to the entire screen.

try adding the plugin inside a component and giving it a fixed width and height but still opening it to full screen.

thank you!

No, unfortunately this is not yet possible with this plugin.
However, you can solve this problem in a different way with the Capacitor ML Kit Barcode Scanning plugin.
Because this plugin gives you back the coordinates of the detected barcode.

Here you can find an example: capacitor-mlkit-plugin-demo/barcode-scanning-modal.component.ts at main · robingenz/capacitor-mlkit-plugin-demo · GitHub