Is it possible to install ionic 2 instead of ionic 3?

Hello everyone, I just bought a new computer and I installed ionic on it. Unfortunately, I am working on a ionic 2 app on another computer with other people for a university project. I just wanted to know if it’s possible to install ionic 2 instead of ionic 3 and if not, is it possible to “convert” the app for ionic 3 ? I tried to launch a --v2 app, but I have an error saying “cannot find ionic-native” (I’m sure I installed it).

Thank you for your answers.

This is a harder question than you might think. “Ionic 3” isn’t really a very useful phrase. Ionic consists of a bunch of moving parts. What I think you are seeing is that you have gotten ionic-native v3 and haven’t updated your app to use the appropriate syntax.

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What you “install” of Ionic is the Ionic CLI, current stable version 2.2.2 at the time of writing.

When you already have a project, just check it out from Git (or your respective version management tool) and it will contain a package.json that contains the version info for the Ionic Framework version used (called ionic-angular in there).

Ionic Native is another library for using Native Cordova plugins in Ionic and also recently upgraded from 2.x to 3.x with some breaking changes.

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Ok, thank you for your answes!

What about using angular 4.00 versions? is it relative to ionic native? i had understood ionic 3.xx is new version make compatible with the new version of angular.

Ionic 3 also updated to Angular 4, yes. So if you want to use Angular 4, you better use Ionic 3.
(Ionic Native is totally unrelated to both)

And you do want to use Angular 4. It is much smarter about dead code reduction.