Is it possible to get flick scrolling in Electron Windows desktop application build via Capacitor

Hi, I Have just built a sample app, using the Ionic side menu and added Electron via Capacitor.

All looks good.

I have a small Windows “ruggedized tablet”, that has a (single) touch screen that just runs Desktop Windows. It does not normally run with either a keyboard or mouse connected (eg may be mounted in a vehicle)

When I run the capacitor app on it, it just has the normal Windows desktop scrolling (eg in a long list). Is there anyway to get the lists to use the “flick scrolling” as on a Mobile device, rather than the default Windows style?

This must be built in (to the webview I assume), as on my desktop dev machine, when I run testing in the browser, using Ionic serve, then go to dev tools and turn on the device toolbar, you get the flick scrolling.

Does anyone know if I can “turn the flick scroll on” for my Electron Ionic app running on a desktop Windows machine?

Thanks in advance for any help