Is it possible to generate a build (Android/iOS) locally and publish it via Appflow?


I’m trying to test Appflow, but I want to generate the build in my machine, then upload and deploy via Appflow, is it possible?

After researching for a while, I couldn’t find a way.

I’ve also wondered about this. Support said that there are ways to do many things with Appflow that are not documented when I asked.

It was not really the answer I was looking for. So technically yes.

If I find out how before you do I’ll certainly share.

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Thanks bro, if I find something, I’ll update this post.

Hey Victor, I don’t believe that is possible today. Can I ask what the use case is? Curious to know more and that might help with my answer.

The main value behind Appflow is to manage native builds for you, in a continuous integration & development fashion. You can trigger native builds via the Ionic CLI, but those would run in the cloud, not locally.

I was trying to test the deployment functionality to see if it suits my needs, but the mobile builds only are possible in the “LAUNCH” plan, which is paid :sweat_smile: . So I wondered if was possible to build locally, send to the platform and then deploy to the devices.

PS: Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my main language.

OK thanks! Makes sense. To build and deploy the mobile app, you don’t need Appflow. You can use Xcode (ios) and Android Studio (android) to build the app, then upload it to the stores for submission (or beta testing) See here.

If you need to build/deploy at scale (lots of apps or you work on a team), Appflow is a great option to try.