Is it possible to create app like whatsapp using ionic?

Hi friends,

I want to create app like whatsapp include text chatting, audio chatting sending video and photos. so please guide me if it is possible.


That’s possible in many ways, just some links to turorials …

I need to implement this kind of functionality as well in my app.

Would be nice if there was some way you could just pull this kind of thing from the shelves so to speak (as a ready made component or module), because a huge number of apps will need this kind of functionality and everyone is ending up reinventing the wheel.

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Thank you so much… then what about audio chatting? is it also possible.

Yes I suppose so, there are ng-cordova plugins:

That’s about playback, recording might be more tricky but seems to be possible too:!topic/phonegap/OApRxMeN1Ig

But from what I see the recording thing looks a bit more problematic.

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Ya… i think so more problematic… anyway thank you. my friend.

You’re welcome, no problem.

P.S. by the way I just came across an article that provides the best answer (I think):

So the answer is (probably) use WebRTC/PhoneRTC.

To create a chat app like whatsapp is depend Readymade solution. It is the best way to do it.

Its alot of effort doing it in ionic tbh, things like virtual scroll and infinite scroll are still rather buggy!

Hi Praveen,

Would like to help you, to build a chat application like Whatsapp. The step by step tutorial to develop chat application:

Refer it and try to built it your own.