Is it possible that the same apple id purchase an auto-renew-subscription (in app purchase)


I’m using the following plugin for my auto renew subscription purchases

Our product is very straight forward:

  1. Guest creates an account.
  2. User tries the app.
  3. If the user likes the app then it purchases a auto-renew-subscription that enables pro-features in a timeframe.
  4. If auto-renew-subscription has expired the user can no longer use the pro-features.

I’m having trouble on how to associate the user account with the purchases in the App Store, for example:

  1. User Tom purchases a auto-renew-subscription with the apple id: on the device iPhone3.
  2. User Tom logs out of the app.
  3. User Greta logs in in the device iPhone3 (which has the apple id: associated to it.
  4. User Greta clicks on purchase auto-renew-subscription.
  5. iOS shows a message to User Greta stating that the auto-renew-subscription has already been purchased, since the apple id: has already purchased a auto-renew-subscription.

Is it possible that the same apple id purchase an auto-renew-subscription? How should I handle this case?


The device isn’t checking the purchase/subscription status of your user that logs into/out of your app, it’s checking the subscription status of the iTunes account associated with the phone/tablet that the app is running on. As far as Apple is concerned, iPhone3 belongs to They don’t know or care who is logged into your app (Tom, Greta, or anyone else).

Just register your subscription and have a certain iTunes account on iPhone3 buy it. It will basically give anyone who logs into your app on iPhone3 access to the subscription until it runs out. But if Greta goes back to her own iPhone4 and logs in, she won’t have the subscription since it’s tied to anyone on iPhone3.

Also this is kind of a corner case that I would just ignore - how many people are really sharing iPhones and iPads these days? Maybe if your app is aimed at kids since families often share iPads, but I would just let them share one subscription per device.

Okay, so it appears that I just have to deal with it :frowning:

hi! do you have solved?