iOS Restore Purchases / Access iCloud / Install Cordova Plugin


Hi All,

I have Non-Renewing Subscription purchases set up for iOS. According to Apples policy, these purchases need to be accessible on all of the user owned devices.

I have tried to restore purchases, but for Non-Renewing Subscription, this functionality is not available (see here).

So after doing some reading, the best and simplest option seems to be to store the users subscription purchase status on their iCloud. And then update the value on a new devise if needs be.

I have tried searching for examples on how to do this in Ionic, but cannot find anything.

I tried this Cordova Plugin phonegap-icloudkv-plugin, but cannot seem to get Ionic to load the plugin (see here).


Does anyone know how to read/write to iCloud from ionic?

Or if anyone can advise how I can access the phonegap-icloudkv-plugin plugin?

Any advise appreciated.