Is Ionic suitable for such app?

Hi there, I would like to build a basic activity(running/cycling) tracker using Ionic + Angular, for Android 10+. Something like Strava, but with very few features. I’d like to record and store my tracks using Google Maps. I’d like to browse through past activities and see things like max speed/ elevation gain/ maybe speed+elevation charts. Is this achievable using Ionic ?
I have experience with Google Maps JS SDK, Angular(+Angular Material) and Firebase.

I’d recommend doing a small technical PoC to do the GPS tracking in the background, using Capacitor plugins etc with a simple starter app in Ionic-angular. If that proves to work for you, then I think you have captured one of the bigger technical dependencies.

Thanks Tom for the advice, that makes sense. I’m gonna take an Ionic course and proceed with the PoC thereafter.

An update on this, in case anyone wants to do something alike. I was able to 100% implement my idea and the app works very well. This being my first Ionic app, there’s quite a lot to improve, but I’m satisfied with the result.

In the end, I used Angular + Ionic + Capacitor (filesystem plugin, community-background-geolocation plugin) + Google Maps JS API.

Features of the app:

  • Record cycling activities (or other outdoor sports which imply moving from point A to point B)
  • Record and view the GPS path during and after the recording
  • Record and view various parameters regarding duration, speed, and elevation, in dashboards and live updating charts (Chart.js)
  • Recording works in the background and when the screen is locked
  • Rename or delete recordings
  • See stats at any point of the track (by clicking on the path)
  • Display a dynamic colored path (red-green gradient) based on the elevation or the speed
  • Load a previous recording as ghost race, and display distance/time ahead/behind in the current recording
  • Some other small but beautiful things like animations, toasts, alerts

Some screenshots:

More screenshots here

With this occasion I also want to thank you guys for your help in the 8 topics I created on this forum related to this app (@EinfachHans @Mikemas @jcesarmobile @mhartington) :grin: