Is flexbox the reason why ionic wont support Android < 4.0?

Ionic uses flexbox in its grid system , which is unsupported in android < 4.0 !

So my question is will my ionic app work on all android versions if i dont use ionic grid system ? i.e ionic grid independent app !

I believe there are a couple components that use features unsupported by android < 4.0. You could TRY to use Ionic on older versions of Android, but you will see some pretty bad issues with performance.

Remember you could also override the CSS to use something other than flexbox if required.

uhmm !! ya , overriding is an option but it will mean more code which will lead to more size and maintaining both differently is another task ! So, instead i was just thinking of one common solution/way !
I would rather give up on lower android versions since market share is not much …i think

Thanks for your reply