Is anyone using JAMF or MDM?

We have a customer that uses JAMF as an MDM solution. I provided him with an ipa from xCode, and he gets a message that it cannot be installed.

Does anyone have any ideas where to go from here? Trolling the web did not reveal much. There is another MDM app called Airwatch, I am not sure going down that path will be helpful.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


do you have signed it properly? maybe you need the busines dev subscription (the more expensive one) for installation on managed devices.

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This is right, you need to generate it as an Enterprise app and you need to have an Enterprise association (the more expensive one). This allow you to generate an In House ipa file that contains an Plist that indicates you app as installation app because it is trusted for your company, and before run it, users will need to accept certificate inside settings app.

OK, great. We will sign up for the enterprise account. Thank you.

You guys will need to create another account, there’s no option to upgrade… apple sucks!

Maybe there is one if you contact the support, but as it has sth to do with payments I wouldn’t give any hopes.
But contact them if you have problems transfering your app id to a new account they helped me with that once.