Iphone X header sidemenu template - V4 Beta


Looks like the sidemenu template for V4 Beta on iPhone X needs some padding on the header. the burger nav button is quite difficult to click. On the other side, the tabs template has the perfect padding on iPhone X.

Which beta version? Don’t remember which but I tested some improveme nts regarding “top padding on device” recently

Hm… that is seems not good in this view, this problem only in iPhone X?

Like I said, I tested with beta and for me it was fine on iPhone X too…

If a tested through Ionic DevApp looks ok, but if build the app and install it in my iPhone via Xcode is when this happens.

Like I said, which beta version?

Last beta.

I created the Project today.

For two days new project were still created with beta.5, could u just double check in package.json that beta.7 is there?

Sorry not sure it’s the solution neither the problem, just to be sure

I just checked and it is beta.7

Thank you for your support.

you mean beta.7 solves it or you still face the problem?

I face the problem with beta.7


Could you share your project, I would like give a try too, since I don’t face the problem with my app maybe I will notice something different?

Sure, Could you give me your github account, I’ll share the project with you there.

Thank you !

peterpeterparker on GitHub

Tested your app on iPhoneX (simulator), looks correct to me

git clone yourrepo
cd yourrepo
npm install
ionic cordova build ios
open xcode
open your app
start on iphoneX

I did the same with different result. Maybe its my Xcode … Now I know it’s now Ionic related :wink:

I’ll try to download & install it again.

Thank you for you help.


Try to reinstall your libs too

rm -r node_modules
rm package-lock.json
npm install

and the platform if still doesn’t work

ionic cordova platform rm iOS --save
ionic cordova platform add iOS --save

maybe it worked too because I freshly installed everything