iOS wrong splash screen orientation

After having tried a whole bunch of SO and ionic forum suggestions I open this question since I still cannot find any solution.

I got all resources generated and there are landscape splash images. I want the app to automatically choose the right splash screen, but I always get the portrait version. Only if I set it in the config file to landscape it works (well it’s upside-down but landscape) - but obviously this disables the portrait splash screen.

To add to all the confusion I try to use the “cordova-plugin-splashscreen” plugin to be able to control when to hide the splash. If I use this one, disable auto-hiding in the config.xml and set the orientation to landscape I get a couple seconds the upside down landscape splash and then the portrait splash until I hide it.

In case this is important, I’ve set the app to full-screen.

About my project:

  • ionic CLI 1.7.14
  • ionic lib 1.2.4
  • Test device: iPod 5th gen / iOS 9.3
  • Xcode 7.3
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