"ios-transition" for page push or pop transitions not working

I’m trying to use a ios-transition for a page push(). The project will be for an android device but I’m testing it on browser for moment and it doesn’t work.
My code:
this.navCtrl.push(this.toSlide,{},{animate:true, animation:"ios-transition", direction:"forward", duration: 1000, easing: 'ease-in'});
I’m using transitions from documentation

wp-transition or the default for my platform md-transition are working but not the IOS. I use ionic 3.5.0

I need a good way of imitate swipe forward and swipe back transitions used on ipad(not the swipe part, just the animation) if you can help me.
PS - tried ionic native page transitions but I wasn’t been able to make it work like I want - pages were overlapping, freezing(horrible effect); I know that when I use cordova run android the app is slower but still…

@tHesTx Wondering if you got that working? Facing the same issue

Sample code:

I think I’ve used NativePageTransitions

Here is the source code. Example is not working, just to know how it’s implemented.