Cordova plugin nativePageTransitions not working as expected

Hey !

I am working with the nativePageTransition plugin from Telerik, to use the native like slide visuals.
I admit it worked at first and i got the expected behaviour, but suddenly it stopped working as before.

now when i call my change page function, what i see is that the same page transitions so if i am in page1 and i press GoToPage2 button, page1 slides to one direction and the next page is the same page1. but the thing is that the ionic page push happens because when i hit back i can see page2 getting popped animation ( popping this page is not done with the native transitions plugin ).

this is the code i am using in my page change function :

let options: NativeTransitionOptions = {
      direction: 'left',
      duration: 250,
      slowdownfactor: 1,
      slidePixels: 0,
      iosdelay: 100,
      androiddelay: 50,
      fixedPixelsTop: 0,
      fixedPixelsBottom: 0
//this.NevController.push(page2,args);  I tried this way too, not working

Is this due to the amount of time page2 needs to load ?