Ios-sim and Xcode 7

Not specific to Ionic, but after upgrading Xcode from 6.x to 7.0 I’m unable to launch the iOS simulator with ionic emulate ios.

After some investigation, I found that typing ios-sim showdevicetypes shows the available simulator targets, like

iPhone-5, 9.0
iPhone-5s, 9.0
iPhone-6, 9.0

However trying to start one of those targets, e.g. ios-sim start --devicetypeid "iPhone-6, 9.0" opens up a Finder window with the /Library/Caches/ folder selected instead of launching the simulator.

Anybody else having the same issue?

Have you tried going into Xcode and downloading the latest iOS-Simulator? (8.4)

The problem has gone away, although I’m not sure exactly how. I think it’s because I installed Xcode as one user and I was trying to run the emulator as a different user. After starting the emulator as the same user that installed Xcode, it now works for the other user as well. Odd.