Ios segment control with filters


Hi Ionic Folks,

Do you guys have a example of how to implement ios segment control with filters. Plz share a demo link !

Thanks in advance


Please share an image of what you mean.

Maybe this :


ya the same thing… i’m a fresher to angularjs and ionic , so could you show me how to implement the filtes in that


Like this :


Try this one:
Segmented control with iOS native look. Bower support and demo.


Сan show my mistake?
This is my search.html

  <div class="modal" ng-controller="SearchCtrl as search">
   <p align="center">
    <ti-segmented-control on-select="buttonClicked($index)" style="width: 250px;">
      <ti-segmented-control-button class="button-balanced" title="'One'"></ti-segmented-control-button>
      <ti-segmented-control-button class="button-balanced" title="'Two'" selected></ti-segmented-control-button>
    <h4> Index selected: {{search.selectedIndex}}</h4>


  myApp.controller "SearchCtrl", SearchCtrl = () ->
    @buttonClicked = (index) ->
      $scope.selectedIndex = index

Unfortunately, the index not displayed…


Nothing has changed :frowning:


Im sorry GoodBoris but Im not familiar with coffee script. Have you tried to log out index in buttonClicked function? Seems to be a scope problem.


I’ve solved my problem. I run $digest cycle manually.


Great! I saw your submitted issue at Github, I will look into it. Thx!


Thanks for ios segment, But i want to show view on segment click like tab click is there any way to show that, like given imag