[IOS problem] - Navbar button doesn't redirect

Hi guys, I need some help with my Ionic 2 App.

I have a navbar with a ion-button on the right side. It appears when a item is added to the cart.

Then if you click you are redirected to another page. It works perfectly on Android and Browser, but it doesn’t on IOS.

This is my app and the cart button

From the console I know it is loading the onPageLoaded method and logging something, but it doesn’t show my page.

This is my navbar

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Are you on beta.10? If not you might want to upgrade first, it will involve wrapping ion-navbar inside ion-header and removing *navabar.

After that, you might want to post the definition of openPage() method too, the way you wrote it reminds me that you might be thinking that its argument is suppose to be a page, it’s not, it’s the click event. So

(click)=openPage(event) makes more semantic sense.

I’ve updated to Ionic 10, and changed all my headers.

Now a it shows a bug.

OBS: I don’t have any variable called Intl

I didn’t found any reason for those errors, so I changed from this.nav.push to this.nav.setRoot

But my view doesn’t seem to update.

Then a click on my cart button

It does seem do redirect, but not refresh since I can access my sidenav, but I still have my old view and the back button.