iOS Podfile "require_relative" import is being replaced by imported file content

I encountered a weird phenomenon when running ionic cap build ios or ionic cap sync.
The first line of my Podfile requires a function which Capacitor provides in it’s node_modules folder:

require_relative '../../node_modules/@capacitor/ios/scripts/pods_helpers'

But when running either of the above commands, the line is replaced with the content of pods_helpers.rb:

I think this might get a problem as soon as Capacitor updates the contents of pods_helpers.rb, so my app will not notice something has changed in that file.

Now to my question: Is this intended or am I missing something? Or should I commit this change?

It was done on purpose to fix issues for users using monorepos, but next release will do it in a different way so it doesn’t add that block of code but adjust the require relative … path to adjust if needed.
Even if you commit those changes they will be reverted on next release, so do as you whish.