IOS Local Notification no notification Sound

I code an app for ios with next js and capacitor how use the local notification plugin to get notification sound on ios please post an example code

Please check out the Capacitor docs for more detailed info on using local notifications: Capacitor Local Notifications Documentation. It provides a detailed guide, examples, and code samples that should help you. Good Luck!

I have now tried it like this

await LocalNotifications.schedule({
            notifications: [
                    title: title,
                    body: body,
                    id: notificationID,
                    ongoing: true,
                    schedule: scheduleOptions,
                    sound: 'public/sound.wav',

still no sound. how must the path of the sound file

please help me I stuck on this problem

The sound has to be a “native” sound, that’s a file you drag to Xcode directly, not inside the public folder, files in the public folder a web files that can only be used in the web context, not in the native context that the plugins use.