Ios live deploy

Hello everyone!
I have a problem with the command “ionic Cordova run ios -lc” both on simulator and real device.
My application is linked with ionic pro, and updates are set to Auto.

When I deploy to android on initial screen it appears a popup that let me choose if download updates from live deploy or just ignore and continue to run local version.
This popup is not appearing on iOS and it download updates by default. In this way, everytime i make a change, i have to send push updates, wait for them to deploy and then launch simulator to work on local version code.

Is anyone experiencing this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Yes, I’m experiencing the same thing. It seems it is not possible to prevent automatic deployment to apps running in ios without disabling the Pro plugin. I’ve tried changing the plugin setting “UPDATE_METHOD”: “none”, but this seems to not work on ios…