IOS keyboard focus issue?


I’ve got a wierd issue.

I have a textfield. So when I tap on it (ios simulator and ionic view app iphone) the keyboard pops up. So that’s good. I can type in some text … all good so far.

So now I have a ionic range slider after the textfield and I want to move slider so I tap the range handler … the circle thingy.

But I’ve noticed, the keyboard is still up and I cannot move the slider, because the focus is still on the textfield. The only way to drop the focus is to tap outside the textfield, so now the keyboard drops and I can move the slider.

Is there a config or a setting to prevent this? So that when the textfield is on focus with keyboard and I tap another element, the textfield focus drops.


At this moment it only happens with the ionic range slider. When I have a button, I can click on it and the focus will drop from the textfield (keyboard will dissapear).