iOS In App Review Plugin Help


I’m trying to use the new iOS 10.3+ SKStorereview call in my ionic project and I found a cordova plugin for it (here), but I’m having trouble importing it into my ionic project. I successfully installed the module but can’t figure out how to implement it within ionic.

On the .ts file for the page where I want to query users to submit a review I tried:

import { inappreview } from 'com.omarben.inappreview';

But I can’t figure out the correct name to add to the constructor, I tried private inappreview: inappreview but it didn’t recognize the name inappreview.

I didn’t get any errors on my import so I think it’s OK, but documentation for the cordova plugin is lacking.

If anyone else has used this plugin and can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!