In-App Ratings / Reviews for iOS +10.3

Hey Guys,

I’d like to share with you a plugin that I built for the new in app reviews introduces for iOS +10.3.


SKStore​Review​Controller: Controls the process of requesting App Store ratings and reviews from users.

Overview Use the request​Review method to indicate when it makes sense to ask the user for ratings and review within your app.

request​Review Tells StoreKit to ask the user to rate or review your app, if appropriate.


cordova plugins add

How-to use example in your cordova project:

inappreview.requestReview(success, failure);

More detailed example:

var requestReview = function(){
        var success = function() {
        var failure = function() {
            console.log("Error calling plugin");
        inappreview.requestReview(success, failure);
        console.log("catch: "+e);

More information about the use of in app review:

Apple is also limiting the amount of times developers can ask customers for reviews. Developers will only be able to bring up the review dialog three times a year. If a customer has rated the app, they will not be prompted again. If a customer has dismissed the review prompt three times, they will not be asked to review the app for another year.

Github url:


Hi Omar,

Thank you for this plugin!

I have one question - is it because I’m testing in debug mode that the Submit button is grayed out? Is that something your plugin figures out by itself or is this what Apple provides natively (same as the fact that they allow you to show it only 3 times)?


npm @ionic-native/in-app-review - isn’t found :confused: