iOS - google login need web api key...?

What I think is weird is that I should have two web api key from google…
one from android key and the other from iOS key.

maybe I should install Cordova google plus login plugin two times…?
taking a look at the config.xml…

which is only for android.
How should I add key for iOS?

I added right below of reversed_client_id
like below

        <variable name="REVERSED_CLIENT_ID" value="com.googleusercontent.apps.916589339698-n71c3mmpsclus88rk6fp99la7sh0vnga" />
        <variable name="REVERSED_CLIENT_ID" value="IOS OAuth2.0 key'" />

then changed login . ts file like below.

      'webClientId':'IOS OAuth2.0 key'

I emulated on iOS … have
400 invalid request…

am I did right?

I found many times figuring out web site or youtube videos…but nothing I found on iOS google login…

You are right.ios need web api key.