iOS build not sending to external API

Hi, I have built a simple app which POSTS to an external API properly when running on Android, but when I build ios --prod, go into the xCode project and run on a device, it seems the URL is not accessed. Is there something in Ionic I need to set to allow the iOS version to communicate with external API’s?

Or is this an issue with some settings within xCode or a config somewhere??

Many thanks,

What I know is that since IOS 10, HTTP URL are blocked. This made me to switch from http to https

Hi Royken, Thaks for the info, I had seen that but it is an https URL. I guess this should work?

Then I invite you to debug your app using safari browser and see what realy happens when you make you api calls

Due to Cors I can only really debug on Chrome, but as I have said it works fine when built as an android app (is on the play store and working well) - it’s the iOS built that seem to fall over.

For clarity, when ionic serve on Chrome with CORS plugin enabled it chats to the external API fine. Running on an android device as a native app its fine, both to an attached tablet from my machine in Dev mode, and the downloaded app is good from the Play Store as well.

Running in xCode, served to an attached iPad I would expect to work but it doesn’t.

I am using import { Http, Headers, RequestOptions } from ‘@angular/http’; as the HTTP provider in Ionic - is there perhaps an issue with this on iOS that I’ve not noted previously?

Thanks for your time!