IOS Build generates a .zip that does not contain the .app folder

I don’t understand anything about native IOS Builds, that’s why we signed AppFlow to delegate this task.

The build IOS and Android run very well without errors, the files are generated normally. The Android file works great for installing on test devices, but the file generated for IOS ( is not compatible with Ad-hoc installations.

I did the build correctly:

  • Publication certificate (app store / ad-hoc)
  • Ad-hoc provisioning (with the devices indicated with their respective UDID)
  • Signin Certificate based on the files above.

When trying to install via ad-hoc by generating the DIAWI link ( I get the error “Invalid .zip file: missing a .app folder” inside

I get the same error when trying to use the service

If I generate a version of the build for the app store (with certificates and distribution provisioning, this generated does not cause any error when sending to the Store.

Can anyone help me with this issue? I need some testers to receive the app for testing but I don’t have physical access to the devices to install via XCODE on any Mac.

The dSym is your debug symbols. The actual application package is the .ipa file. You’ll see two different artifacts for your iOS builds as shown below. You need to use the .ipa

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Thank you very much Brian!
I can’t believe it was my total lack of attention!
I always downloaded the artifact through the link available in the build list and not in the build detail, and that link is precisely!


Well, but since it clarified this issue, my IOS app has been having problems. How can I use these symbols from to find the cause?