Build.json file is not used

Hello all,

i am using this command to build the ios .app file:
ionic cordova build ios --buildConfig=build.json --release --minifyjs --minifycss --optimizejs

My build.json file is like this:
“ios”: {
“debug”: {
“codeSignIdentity”: “iPhone Developer”,
“developmentTeam”: “TEAMID”,
“packageType”: “development”,
“automaticProvisioning”: true,
“buildFlag”: [
“LD_RUNPATH_SEARCH_PATHS = “@executable_path/Frameworks””
“release”: {
“codeSignIdentity”: “iPhone Distribution”,
“provisioningProfile”: “UUID”,
“developmentTeam”: “TEAMID”,
“packageType”: “ad-hoc”,
“buildFlag”: [
After some execution time i get this:
Signing Identity: “-” (I dont think this is ok) and the build succedess.

Here is the problem:
After i create an ipa file from the app file, diawi wont upload the ipa file.
Failed: Error: Error in status response - 4001009: Invalid .ipa file: missing embedded mobileprovision.
This is saying to me that the provisioning profile UUID is not being used.

Diawi is installed with npm so i can use the diawi token and upload my ios app.

Does anyone has some similar issue?
What can be the solution to this.