IOS Build Error

Has anyone else ran into this error or know of a solution. I have build my app in android and I am not trying to built in on a mac (since ios cloud package doesnt seem to work) and I keep running into this.

GoogleCloudMessaging.h file not found

Do you use phonegap-plugin-push?

If yes, my problem was due to non installed cocoa pods. they also have a elaborative github issue of that matter but can’t find it right away.

ionic plugin ls
ionic plugin rm phonegap-plugin-push
sudo gem install cocoapods
ionic plugin add --save phonegap-plugin-push@1.8.4 --variable SENDER_ID="xxx"
pod setup
ionic run ios --device
ionic platform rm ios
ionic platform add ios@4.3.1
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thank you, i will look into it!! getting this app built has taken like 5 times longer then writing it !