Ionic push notification for ios

ionic push notification not works for in ios:

i have installed cocoapods and made pod setup, but plugin is not installed on my source

please tell me steps in producing the plugin and work flow for ios ?


fatal error: ‘google/protobuf/Empty.pbobjc.h’ file not found
#import “google/protobuf/Empty.pbobjc.h”

issue occurs like this while building the app,how to fix this issue ,is there any solution

I’ve encountered a similar error before but I would suggest you to do it this way (which I usually use): remove and add your ios platform again → cd platforms/ios → install cocoapod with these command lines in the following order: sudo gem install cocoapods / pod setup / pod install

Then try to build your app (with google-services.plist in the proper folder).

Thank you hn162 …I will try and tell you …

Still it’s not working same error occurs…

Please guide me is there any other ways to fix this issue
Thanks for your reply.