Ios app uploading app store ipv6 network issue


Hello. I created ios app with ionic v1. this app is working well my test ipad device but my app rejected appstore ipv6 networking. How can I solve this issue?


There they explain how to test

In similar post, someone also said it solved his issue removing a load balancer. In my case it was just a problem of login


thanks for reply but I dont understand how do it. what is load balancer. Please help me I need to solve this issue. this is my code:

  method: "GET",

  url: ""+$rootScope.valdeger

}).success(function (res) {




and I tried cordovaHTTP but it is not successfull or I didnt it.


I don’t say it’s your problem I said someone solved it like this.

  1. Have you test your app like I said following ?

  2. Is an internal IP? If so, your problem is maybe there, when Apple test your app, your app try to connect to this IP which is internal and not available for the outsdie world, therefore it will produce an error


I m sorry. I think you do it. I dont know how do it. This Ip is external IP. My web service:


All good then, I’m able to access the WS so I don’t think it’s the problem

Did you try to test your app on a ipv6 lan? did that work or not?

To do so, again, see chapter Test for IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Compatibility Regularly in following documentation


No I dont test ipv6 lan and I read this chapter because I use virtual macos and this mac dont use ‘Create NAT64 network’. I want to ask: Is my web service support Ipv6? How do I learn it?


I don’t know how you could test it with a virtual macos sorry


Thanks for reply. I hope find a solution.