IOS app rejected social login


My app was rejected because of this error:

Guideline 4.2.3 - Design - Minimum Functionality

We were required to install the LinkedIn, Facebook andGoogle apps before we could log in via LinkedIn, Facebook or Google. Users should be able to log in with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google and access their accounts without having to install any additional apps.

Next Steps

If you would like to offer authentication through LinkedIn, Facebook or Google, please use a mechanism that allows users to log in from within your app without first having to install an additional app.

We recommend implementing the Safari View Controller API to display web content within your app. The Safari View Controller allows the display of a URL and inspection of the certificate from an embedded browser in an app so that customers can verify the webpage URL and SSL certificate to confirm they are entering their sign in credentials into a legitimate page.

Everything was OK until now (my app is on the store for several months now)
So I said why not. So I implemented mechanism for login with the ng2-ui-auth (

So basically what it does:
It opens a inappbrowser wait for the authorization code of oauth and close the inappbrowser. Then it call your api endpoint to process the exchange of the authorization code with an access token.

Anyway. With google login I am getting an issue. I am not able to login because I am getting error:

The recommanded way is to use the SafariWebView controller. But I don’t know how it is working…

Do you have an idea?

Solution was found.

Facebook and Google SDK gives the possibility to not use the native app to login. It uses the browser.

Concerning Linkedin. I was able to succeed with ng2-ui-auth and inappbrowser