Ionic app not launching in ios emulator, just splash screen and close

as a starter i am able to test app on android phones its easy, now i want to test my app on iphone, i have tried following command for emulator

ionic emulate ios

just splash screen come after app close. with ionic run ios same results. i have tried to build app with xcode than im getting error in main.m file on following line of code

int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, @"AppDelegate");

i have xcode 7.2 installed

Did you checked your logs error?

as a newbie mistake on my end, i should not compile project with xcode, ionic commands doing all jobs. i just add app profile in xcode and rest ionic emulator ios and ionic run ios --device work really well.

Could you please more specific on how to resolve in clear english? Thanks mate.

having the same problem here …app opens then shows splash for like 5 to 6 secs and then closes. have you found any solution ??