iOS and margin-top

Deciding NOT to go fullScreen, deploying on iOS the app gains a 40px margin between the StatusBar and the header.
Instead, inserting the following code:

ionic.Platform.ready(function() {

in the run() method, the Statusbar is correctly removed, but the total height of the main window is lessened of those famous 40px, letting the side menu visible on the bottom of the page.
Anyone with the same problem?

Anyone on this?
Or maybe it’s me missing some basic configuration?

A little more on the argument:
it seems that the responsibles for the margin-top are the css classes with the following selectors on ionic.css


I’ve commented them out, and it seems that everything is going well both on iOS and on Android.

Maybe someone on Ionic team side can confirm if there are any side-effects introduced by commenting this out, @perry?

Hmm shouldn’t have any negative effect. You can always report back if there are and I can see what I can do to help