iOS 17 Beta 4, Ionic Modal won't appear twice


There appears to be a bug with the Ionic Modal on Safari, that’s exhibited even on the example from the website found here: ion-modal: Ionic Mobile App Custom Modal API Component

The modal appears as expected the first time, but tapping on the same Open button for a second time after closing the first, results in the modal animating to appearance, then disappearing.

Testing on an iPhone, with iOS 17 Beta 4.

Is this what you’re seeing? Wondering if I’m getting reports from users on iOS 17 of this. (check attached video)

Yes, looks the same. I’ve added in that issue the steps to reproduce, you can actually do it just from the ionic documentation and on iOS 17 B 4. That ticket is for the voyager project, but is actually rooted in ionic.

This is a known bug with iOS 17: 257861 – REGRESSION (262875@main / iOS 17): fill: 'both' not respected with animation

It was recently fixed, and the fix should be available in an upcoming iOS 17 beta.