iOS 17.4 and PWA

I don’t release as “web”, I build my app with ionic and Angular as entreprise build for iOS / iPadOS (not in the app store). User have to install the app and accept my certificate (in Settings / VPN and Device management).

Will we have trouble opening the app with the new changes from Apple :

Or is this only a problem for people how release as Web PWA?


Hopefully the Capacitor team will put out something on this (it would be great marketing for them as Capacitor allows you to take a web app / PWA and make it into a native app).

From my understanding, Capacitor apps are not affected as they aren’t PWAs but fully installed native apps. Capacitor uses WKWebView under the hood which is 1st Party by Apple and not a 3rd party browser engine which a PWA could be running in causing this whole fuss by Apple.


The change won’t affect Capacitor apps as twestrick mentioned, only affects PWAs that support standalone mode (that were in full screen when they were added to the home screen), the standalone mode and the special features/APIs that were available when the app was in standalone mode, such as push notifications won’t work anymore in Europe.

But also note that if you are distributing your app with an enterprise certificate, unless all your users work in your company, that’s agains the TOS for enterprise certificates. Enterprise certificates are only allowed for company apps that only employees use, if you use the certificate for regular users to install the app, Apple could revoke your certificate if they notice you are doing a bad usage.

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Here’s a blog post from Ionic