iOS 17.4 Update Ends PWA Support in the European Union

In the latest iOS 17.4 beta update, Apple made a significant move by disabling the functionality of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) within the European Union.
EU iPhone users can still use web apps by adding bookmarks to the Home Screen, but they will lack PWA functionalities such as offline support, notifications, and seamless integration. These apps will now open in Safari or another browser, lacking dedicated window support, long-term local storage, and notification capabilities.

What do you think about this? Any suggestion? Any solution?
I am a software developer working in Europe for European customers… I think it’s a big problem, maybe I need to switch to Flutter…

  1. As far as i know has apple reverted this change die to the receiving of numerous requests from developers
  2. Even if they would, how would a switch to flutter help? :smiley: With Capacitor and Ionic you could use your PWA and turn it into a native app in record time

Where did you get the info regarding point 1?
I think flutter creates native applications starting from a common language and translating components invoked from dart into native components. Ionic create native apps (i.e. ipa or apk) but those apps are empty native apps exposing a web view in which your ionic app can run. Cordova or capacitor give you access to all api you need to use physical device features…

I read something on X, just googled and found for example this: Apple Reverses Decision on Progressive Web Apps in EU

I don’t know flutter enough, you are right about cordova/capacitor. But that is not what apple planned to end support for. PWA != native app with a webview

ok thank you very much… i hope the really won’t break pwa…

iOS 17.4 was already released and they didn’t break PWAs

But even on the 17.4 betas that broke PWAs, those changes didn’t affect Capacitor apps, it only affected Safari users that had PWAs added to the home screen.

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