iOS 11 - dropping 32 bit apps


Hi is there anything to worry about with ionic apps and iOS 11 coming out this fall dropping all 32 bit apps?


Well seeing as WWDC hasn’t happened yet, I dont think you should be worried about it.
But generally, if this happens, the cordova community will be aware and prepared for the changes.
So in general, you’ll not have to worry about it.


I think Ionic is good here already (if you use cordova-ios >= 4.3.0):


There’s 2 cases:

  1. New app: cordova (and thus ionic) have 64 bit support, the WWDC made the 32 bit drop official but it should not be a problem to build with 64 bit.
  2. Old app: If you have a published 32 bit cordova/ionic app, it will stop working on ios 11 devices, you’ll need to rebuild it with a newer cordova-ios version as @Sujan12 mentioned and submit the update to Apple.


How do you determine if you have a 64 bit cordova/ionic app or a 32 bit cordova/ionic app?


If you have the ipa file see this post


Thanks for your reply. I currently have an iPad with iOS version 10.3.2 on it. I can download from the app store and I do not see any pop-up warning, so I think I am ok. Thanks again.