ionTabs and history

My app opens with a set of tabs for searching for ‘events’ by several different methods (location, next, recency). Each tab is more or less a list. Once a user selects an event, they move through a registration process, and the tabs go away since they aren’t relevant once an event has been selected.

This generally works fine, with one small exception: the back button (ion-nav-back-button) in the header. Since each ion-nav-view get’s it’s own history stack, it doesn’t show on the first page of the registration. However, the logic for the hardware back button is simpler and works fine (if there’s a backView, go there!).

Any ideas how to work around this?

Here’s a CodePen to illustrate:

It’ a bit more complicated than that. So tabs in general are history/naigation hogs. They don’t like to play well with other …sort of like that weird kid from the playground days. He means well, but just doesn’t know any better…

Any ways, some work is being done to make tabs more of easy going component so they can play along with the rest of ionic.

Ok, cool.
I’ll just kick that ‘fix the back button’ TODO item down the road a little;)