IonPickerColumn, IonPickerColumnOption - forgot to export?

I have encountered several issues.
I need to create a component with time - which, upon clicking - will open a modal with a wheel to select from (the type you see in ion-datetime). But I don’t need the calendar, only the time.

<ion-datetime-button />

The above mounts both buttons (for some reason) - and you also cannot hide one of them, because they both have the same ::part() attribute, but different ids.

I do not know how to target different ids of the elements with the same part attributes - if anybody knows how to do that (if it is even possible) - please let me know.

Since using shadow-dom was a terrible idea on Ionic team, I tried to make my own component for time via using


I literally copied the example from documentation - and it does not work. It sees IonPicker, but does not see


Did you forget to export them?

UPD: Apparently we are using IonicV7, whilist I was looking at documentation of IonicV8 (IonPickerColumn and IonPickerColumnOption were added in V8.

At least with one question we’re done - but I still cannot understand how to show only the time picker (with the wheel) and not show date with it. Is it possible?

IonDatetime with presentation="time" doesn’t work for you?

Yep, it worked. Yet I had to basically make my own TimePicker component…

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