IonItemOptions stays open after ionIonSwipe is excecuted

Describe the Bug

So when I use the IonItemSliding with the IonItemOption expandable, the Option stays open even after the onIonSwipe action is excecuted. So I have one which I use to delete an Item.
<IonItemOptions side="end" onIonSwipe={onDelete}> <IonItemOption color="danger" onClick={onDelete} expandable>
After one Item is deleted the option Delete stays visible.

Expected Behavior

What I expected to happen was the slider dissapearing after the function is excecuted. So after the Item is deleted the Delete option should be hidden again until swiping an Item again.

Steps to Reproduce

Using the IonItemSliding with IonItemOptions & IonItemOption with a function attached to it.


Additional Information

I am trying my application in the web, so first I thought it was due to my browse (safari, chrome, firefox, etc.) so I installed the app on my phone. I got the exact same behaviour.

Did you set closeSlidingItems for the list?