IonInfiniteScroll stops scrolling when loaded


Hi there,
I’m using ionInfiniteScroll as it is supposed to be used.
When I scroll to the bottom the loading is initiated just as it is supposed to be. But the problem is that when the loading is triggered, the scrolling stops. Suppose you are swiping very fast to the top, then the scrolling will be very fast when reaching the bottom. It is very awkward when it just immediately stops. When the distance is like 10% it should load timely and the content should arrive when the bottom is just to be reached. Then the content should get extended and the scrolling should continue. However, it just stops.
How can I fix this?



bumping this issue since I have the same problem. I add items stored in memory progressively to my list with ionInfiniteScroll, but the loading being very fast, once the items loaded, if the scroll was being in free wheel, it freezes. The user has to scroll again, it stops again, etc.

Could this be a bug ?