Ion-Infinite-Scroll not working when scrolling fast

Hey there,

I am struggling with ion-infinite-scroll for days now because when I scroll my list quite fast (or the server doesn’t respond immediately) and I reach the end of the page before the complete()-function is called, I see a white area where I am forced to scroll up and down again to get additional data. I even reproduced it in the documentation, see screenshot below.

The issue occurs when you reach the ion-infinite-scroll-content before complete() was called. What can solve it is to simply call complete() immediately before loading the data but then you have to solve the issue that the API could answer with page 3 before page 2. The same issue also makes it impossible to load more data more than once when the current set of data is not covering the entire screen (which is sometimes hard to decide with different screen sizes) because you can’t scroll up and down again.

Is there any way to check if this state is happening and fire or refresh the ion-infinite-scroll component?
Thank you very much in advance,