IonicStorageModule != Native Storage ?!

Hii guys, what is difference between IonicStorageModule & Native Storage ??!!!
thnks in advance

Please provide some context, links to documentation about what you are talking about.

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this is link for IonicStorageModule —
this is link for Native Storage —

Ionic Storage (the first one) works in browsers and native environments.
Ionic Native Storage only works in native environments.

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the data persisted by this two approch can be deleted automaticaly by android or ios system ?
or is impossible to deleted by system in this case data life cycle is seem to sqlite data

Both are permanent storages that are not deleted.
You are thinking of “local storage”.

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in my ionic 3 application i must get a lot of data from a backend using REST.
i want to save data in json on mobile devise cache for first time.
and then just read data from cache and if it(data on backend) change i read new data from backend and update my json data.
what do you see

This will work with both.

But as Ionic Native also works in the browser, it is to be preferred in my opinion.