Can someone please clarify between @ionic/storage and @ionic-native/native-storage

Hi all,
In my case I am working on a chat App which I want to save the chat history, Friends information, avatar which is in base64 locally. Currently I am using @ionic/storage but I feel I am probably not doing it right though its working fine for now.

On reading the documentation of @ionic/storage I saw using it with cordova-sqlite-storage plugin, Do I really need to install this plugin.

Kindly enlighten me please.

Your question and topic title don’t match.

For your title:

Can someone please clarify between @ionic/storage and @ionic-native/native-storage

@ionic/storage works without native code for Cordova platforms like Android and iOS, it also works for all other non-Cordova-platforms like browser and PWA.
@ionic-native/native-storage is a wrapper around a native Cordova plugin that only supports the native platforms it supports.

As it says in the documentation you don’t need to, as @ionic/storage support lots of other storage drivers than sqlite. But you can install it if you want the native platforms to use sqlite, which is normally considered quite “stable”.


Thank you for your swift response