IonicStorageModule- databaseName

Hai, I am creating an ionic App. I am using IonicStorageModule. I need to rename the database Name.
For that I can use import { IonicStorageModule } from ‘@ionic/storage’;

declarations: […],
imports: [
name: ‘__mydb’,
driverOrder: [‘indexeddb’, ‘sqlite’, ‘websql’]
bootstrap: […],
entryComponents: […],
providers: […]
export class AppModule { }

In this, Instead of name: ‘__mydb’ I want name : sessionStorage[‘key’]. But for the first time i am getting value Undefined.Once i reload the page I am getting actual value. Any Solution ? Thanks in Advance

My initial suspicion is that this is a “Drawing Hands” situation whereby the name for the database must be available before SessionStorage is, so I would be surprised if this were easy. I would instead try to think of ways to avoid having to do this.

But i will recall the module once the sessionStorage value is updated… So may be it is not the issue.

I found other way rather than doing this. Thanks anyways for your suggestion.