Ionic storage issue

I am new to ionic 3.9.2. I want to add the storage to my project, but it showing an error like

“Typescript Error Cannot find name ‘storage’. D:/Ionic/SimBing/src/pages/home/home.ts storage.set(‘uname’, this.model.username); alert(storage.get(‘uname’)); // this.router.navigate([this.returnUrl]);”

Can you please help me to solve the issue… Currently I am checking in browser using ionic serve --l. Is there any issue related to this, I mean whether the storage will work only on device?

Thanks – Divya Eficaz

Storage will work fine on the browser, and on a device (although some people use NativeStorage on devices). You can see your storage set up in the chrome developer tools under :
Application --> Storage --> IndexedDB

Here is how you should implement Storage :


    import { IonicStorageModule } from '@ionic/storage';

    imports  : [IonicStorageModule.forRoot(),


  import {Storage} from '@ionic/storage'

  export class HomePage{
       constructor(public storage : Storage){

   'MyData', somedata);
                var myData = data;

Implementing storage like this should get rid of your error

Outside of the constructor you have to use