$ionicPush onNotification


I recently upgraded my Push service to use ionic-cloud. Before using this I had been doing the following to setup the requisite handlers in the init method of the $ionicPush service:

                    "onNotification": function (notification) {
                        var payload = notification.payload;
                        console.log("onNotification payload", payload);
                        return true;
                    "onRegister": function (data) {
                        console.log("onRegister, token", data.token);

Now I have decoupled it as follows which works nicely except I have not been able to find the right way to insert the handler for when the user clicks the notification:

function (t) {
console.log(“register, t”, t);
function (t) {
console.log(‘Token saved:’, t.token);
function (error) {
console.error(“register”, error);

In short, I am looking to handle the onNotification handler in the new logic.

I tried (per the docs):
$scope.$on(‘cloud:push:notification’, function (event, data) {
console.debug(“data”, data);


$ionicEventEmitter.on(‘push:notification’, function(notification) {
console.debug(“notification”, notification);
return true;

which lead to dead ends.

Anyone able to assist?



Thought I would answer my own question for others to maybe benefit from. Listen on ‘cloud:push:notification’. $ionicEventEmitter which I saw in various places throughout the forum turned out to be an unproductive rat hole for me.


Hi there!

So what ended up being the issue for you with using cloud:push:notification in the first place? It sounds like you tried that but it didn’t work at first.

The reason I’m asking is that I’m having a similar issue with listening on cloud:push:notification where it works fine if the app is open, but when a user clicks on a notification while the app is closed the watcher doesn’t fire. Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi, I looked through the source code and I saw where and how the event was being sent. I then revisited my code and found that the setup of my handler was happening at a place in my Factory where it was not be invoked (doh! I wasn’t going to mention that; however, since you asked ). This does not sound like your issue anyways.

Not sure what you mean by open/closed. If you mean foreground/background and if you want every notification to come through your handler on arrival (vs. user tap action) then you should look into ‘content-available’. On the other hand, if you literally mean “open/close” then I do not think that is possible for the app to process a notification while it is closed.

BTW I used to use ‘content-available’ except I had a bug where around 30 seconds after running the app would crash. I posted some questions, reached out to Forum, and Slack and never got a response so I rewrote my server-side and app to not depend on this. I imagine that this may have been something in my environment that I was unable to locate.